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Roots & Fruits

A refreshing energy drink with a special blend of roots and fruits to help increase libido, vitality, physical strength and mental endurance.

Vegetable Juices

Order organic vegetable juices, superfoods, tonics and nutritional supplements with holistic living, longevity lifestyle change for women, men, children & families.

Eradicate Sickle Cell

No More Pain!  Eradicate sickle cell with plant-based nutrition, meal planning along with Dioscovite (Potassium Thiocyanate) Vitamin Supplements.

Fruit Juices

Order organic fruit juices, superfoods, tonics and nutritional supplements with holistic living and longevity meal planning for men, women, children, and families.

Plant-based Nutrition

Nutrition based healing includes consuming living raw whole foods, roots, living drinks, and supplements. Some of these items we recommend, and others we provide as a service to you.  Ask about our product prices.

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We Deliver

Order vegetarian, ital, vegan and raw daily meals and catering, plus food shopping classes, kitchen reorganization, breathing and exercise techniques.

Eco Friendly

Preserving our planet with health products to return health, vitality, and longevity with nutrition based healing. Eat living, raw whole foods, and be more life!

Always Fresh

Our meals, raw pies, tonics and nutritional supplements are made fresh daily to preserve the healing benefits in life foods!  Live clean and green and bloom!

Lifestyle Change for Women, Men, Children & Families

Plant-based nutrition for: ADHD, arthritis, diabetes, digestive, gas, gout, hypertension, inflammation, kidney, prostate, weight, womb issues & more!

“It’s everyone’s Divine right to be healthy & prosperous. When will it be the right time for you?”

Our Cleanses

We cater to the inner and outer beauty to create balance in an imbalanced self and world.  Call for consultations to improve health, vitality, longevity, holistic living with plant-based nutrition.

Detox & Healthy Juices

Health products to bring back health, vitality, longevity.   Eat life and commune with nature.  Create balance, Yin/Yang.

Sun Roots

Baba Pear Sun Roots organic fruit juices, roots & living drinks help to bring vitality and balance.  Remember all sickness & dis-eases can be reversed.

Vitality Juices

We fresh to order vitality drinks, food shopping classes, kitchen reorganization, breathing and exercise techniques to create balance.

Green Boost

Order freshly made to order green juices, smoothies, and tonics to maintain health and longevity within the season.  Conscious preparation is a must.
  • VItamin D 80% 80%
  • Potassium 30% 30%
  • VItamin B12 40% 40%
  • VItamin A 70% 70%
  • VItamin B 80% 80%
  • VItamin C 60% 60%
A much-in-demand holistic counselor, advisor-teacher, Baba-Pear-Sun has counseled men, women, youth for 20+ years to regain or maintain health and vitality through positive health practices and healthy food choices.  As a raw and vegan food therapist, Baba-Pear-Sun holds raw food prep classes teaching novices how to prepare tasty, nutritious vegetarian meals. Book Baba Pear-Sun as your next event as a speaker, organizer and promoter of natural living for individuals and families.  Baba-Pear-Sun is available from grassroots to NGO’s, for cultural, community, church and civic events.


– Baba-Pear-Sun

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All sickness & dis-ease can be reversed.  Call for an appointment, order meals, beverages, roots, fruits, tonics.  Book Baba-Pear-Sun for your next event to lecture, host workshops, help with plant-based, nutritional meal planning and more!
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