About Baba P.

A much-in-demand holistic counselor, advisor-teacher, Baba-Pear-Sun has counseled men, women, youth for 26+ years to regain or maintain health & vitality through positive health practices & healthy food choices.


Holistic Living With Plant-Based Nutrition


Communing with nature


Creating balance in an imbalanced self & world

Raw, Vegan Food Therapy

As a vegan food therapist, Baba-Pear-Sun holds raw food prep classes teaching novices how to prepare tasty, nutritious vegetarian meals.

“It’s everyone’s Divine right to be healthy & prosperous.  When will it be the right time for you?”


Plant-based nutrition for:

ADHD, arthritis, diabetes, digestive, gas, gout, hypertension, inflammation, kidney, prostate, weight, womb issues & more!

Nutrition based healing includes consuming living raw whole foods, roots & living drinks & supplements.  Some of these items we recommend, and others we provide as a service to you.  Ask about our product prices.

Providing Living Foods For Vitality

Lifestyle Change for Women, Men, Children & Families

All sickness & dis-ease can be reversed

Always Exploring New Ideas and Flavors

Health products to bring back health, vitality, longevity

Inside Our Shop

We offer an array of organic vitality products and vegetarian, ital, vegan & raw catering, plus food shopping classes, kitchen reorganization, breathing & exercise techniques.